By guest blog writer Alice Robertson

Weddings are ridiculously expensive. That is one of those facts that many people understand, and yet an equally large percentage of the population continues to seek out pricey, grandiose venues for their ceremonies. The budget-savvy consumer, however, knows that an equally successful wedding can be hosted in their own backyard with the proper technique and a little preparation. Here are some ways you can prepare your home for the wedding day without spending too much or causing too much stress; after all, a wedding should be a joyful occasion!

Efficiently Divide Up Your Space

Using your home as a catch-all space for wedding planning, preparation, and the site of the event itself (plus the reception) is a great way to save your money for your new life together, but this requires a great deal of preparation beforehand to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

First, decide how you are going to divide up your space. There are a number of factors to consider. Will you have the wedding in your backyard and host the reception indoors, or will the reception be outside as well? If so, who will collect the chairs from the wedding service to clear up space for the reception? Do you have enough space in your house to provide room for your guests to sleep (after all, they probably will want to spare themselves the expense of a hotel room)? What part of your house will function as the wedding HQ — the room where all the wedding planning will take place? It is critical that you have a dedicated room since, if left unchecked, wedding paraphernalia will end up strewn throughout your house in the weeks leading up to the wedding and will be difficult to parse through when crunch time hits.  

Preparing the Backyard for the Wedding Service

If you plan to use the backyard as the site of the wedding service itself, there are several more things to consider. First, how will everything be arranged? If your ground is even slightly uneven, you should construct a platform or stage for the ceremony. Even if your ground is perfectly level, you can give your backyard an extra wedding flair by having a skilled craftsman construct a wedding trellis or arbour to act as a lovely backdrop for the service — you can also build one yourself. Check your budget and account for the respective costs, as a professionally built arbour or trellis costs between £300-£700 (or $400-$900) once you include materials and labour, while a prefabricated model you put together yourself can cost £75/$100 or as little as £8/$10. Try to match the aesthetics of your backyard to your preferred wedding look. You can incorporate twinkle lights, white cloths, and flowers to give your yard that wedding atmosphere.

Preparing the Indoors

It is of critical importance that you set aside part of your house as the wedding HQ. Stay organised and there is no need to hire a planner. Keep a book where you keep track of all of the items that come in, the guest list as people respond to your invitations, room accommodations if your guests are staying at your house, and all other important information. Have a laptop and printer in your headquarters — that way, you can keep all of the information on a spreadsheet in the cloud, while also having a physical copy for when you are on the move. 

Remember, the key to having a successful wedding is preparing every part of it well in advance to prevent any unforeseen circumstances. Plan out your room accommodations, how you plan to use each part of your space, and how you will use each piece of wedding paraphernalia to save yourself stress in the weeks leading up to the event itself.