An alternative Graduation

Graduating in Canterbury means you can have an amazing photoshoot in some of the city's most beautiful locations. Lucky you for graduating in such a beautiful city! I work with you to capture unstaged, vibrant and natural moments you'll treasure.

If you're not keen on the traditional graduation photos, lining up for hours and being posed within an inch of your life...then you'll love these alternative graduation shoots.

Get some portraits alone or with friends and family. Choose a location(s), bring your gown and hat, and have some fun!

We can venture down to the picturesque Westgate Gardens, wander in the Canterbury Cathedral cloisters and precincts, stroll down the high street and quaint side streets, go in a coffee shop...really it's up to you!

**An alternative graduation shoot starts from £25o, see packages below**

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Pricing & Packages

Package 1

Up to 30 min photoshoot for graduate + 2 others.
One location.
You can expect a minimum of 10 images.


Package 2

A photoshoot lasting one hour
Up to 5 people
Multi locations (within walking distance)
Expect a minimum of 30 images


Package 3

+ A photoshoot lasting around 2 hours
+ Multi location
+ For 6 or more people
+ Option of before and after ceremony photos
+ Lots of candid moments
+ Optional LinkedIn professional headshot
+ Expect a minimum of 45 images
+ One framed 8x10" Print


Some recent graduation photos...