Sue booked me to document some moments with the family all together, both as a celebration of some big birthdays and of being all together. Life threatening illness in the family earlier in the year meant this was a very special time indeed. Moreover, some of the family travelled from Italy, so they are very rarely all together like this.

“I sustain myself with the love of family.”

— Maya Angelou

They had the week holidaying in Whitstable, and we set out one evening before dinner as the sun was setting, and the weather was kind, which meant the light was gorgeous.

We met at The Neptune pub, and then walked along the sea front, to the Oyster Co. We ambled down one of Whitstable’s characteristic side streets which is full of pretty houses and interesting door knockers (insider knowledge!), carried on towards the harbour, to the bench with a diver helmet you can try on (more insider knowledge!), along to the bright beach huts near the lobster shack, and then finished up back at the Whitstable Oyster Company restaurant in time for dinner.

I got some snaps of the family inside there and then left them to enjoy their oysters (I did even get an invite to stay for dinner, but I had to decline on account of a hungry husband at home!)