Phil + Karla // Winters Barns

These are my favourite 20 photos from Phil and Karla's outdoor wedding,.

Phil and Karla had a beautifully autumnal themed wedding, the floral arrangements were an eclectic mixture of darks oranges and reds, with dashes of light blue and peach, including Juliet roses, autumn berries, forgetmenots and delphiniums.

Their ceremony took place outdoors at Winters Barns, Kent, on a perfectly mild autumn day (and no rain!). The fun started straight away with a hilarious poem written by two best men, which had the bride and groom in stitches. But it didn't stop there because they had all the wedding guests dancing in front of the camera for their very own 'Marry-oke' music video! 

How did Phil and Karla meet? Karla accidentally added Phil as a facebook friend whilst looking at his profile. Such a unique story for this quirky and fabulous couple!

Phil's reaction to seeing his bride...