5 things to think about before your pre-wedding shoot

1) Consider having a theme

Your wedding may have a theme, for example vintage or seaside, so it can be a fun idea to reflect that theme in your engagement shoot. Think about a location that fits with your theme, or the clothes that you wear.  That way, you can also incorporate these photos seamlessly into your wedding - perhaps to include the photos on the save-the-dates or invites.

2) Clothes - make them contrast

Think about whether you want to dress up smart, or keep it casual, but it's certainly a good idea for both of you to be on the same page with this. Picture a girl in a full length formal sequin dress and her fiance in hoody and jeans - doesn't quite work does it? Unless you're deliberately wanting to give off a certain message - and hey, who am I to judge? 

Don't match. It will look slightly strange. I'm not just talking full on matching outfits, but even wearing colours that are very similar, you'll most likely end up clashing. 

Instead, it works really well to wear clothes that contrast with each other, it creates a very pleasing look to wear complimentary colours. Take a look at the colour wheel below - the colours that work really well together are those that are opposite each other on the wheel. For example, blue and yellow go together very nicely.


Alternatively, if you're into this kind of thing, you can wear colours that fit into the same 'palette', in other words, a group of colours that are known to look good together. Check out this nifty guide (incidentally from one of my favourite websites for design related things!).

You could also bring a change of outfits to mix it up a bit, but consider your location and whether you'll be able to access somewhere to change. 

3) Time of day

Some of the best natural light in a day occurs at sunrise and at sunset, or around these times. This is because light is softer and more diffused throughout the sky. Harsh midday sun on the other hand is less flattering in photos because it can cast shadows on your faces. 

In photography, the window of time just after sunrise, and just before sunset, are referred to as the 'golden hour' because of the warm, glowing quality of light available during that hour which certainly has a romantic ambience!

4) Location

There are plenty of types of location to choose from, and in Kent we are blessed with some fantastic scenery, seasides and stately homes. It can depend somewhat on season, especially when it comes to stately homes and gardens, but here are some ideas.

  • Seaside
  • Woods/ Nature Reserves
  • Gardens
  • Fields/Orchards/Vineyards
  • Urban/Town
  • Indoor e.g. coffee shop

Seaside towns are great because you can get a mixture of outdoor beach photos, and urban town shots, as well as maybe stopping off for a coffee and getting a few more snaps in!

5) Come ready to be affectionate with your partner

It sounds silly, but your frame of mind can affect how you feel during the shoot. Come prepared to show affection towards one another. And if you struggle with this sort of thing in front of people, you can choose a location which is quieter and less busy in terms of people. I like to ask my clients some questions to prompt natural interaction between the two of you, such as "When were you most proud of him/her?"

But come prepared to have fun too, it doesn't have to be all serious! More than likely you're together because you can make each other laugh, so why not reflect that which makes you the couple that you are in your photos?

EngagementsJen Holland