Ben + Alice // Larkey Valley Woods // Engagement Photos

More than just friends...

Alice and Ben started dating by accident in March 2015.

A misunderstanding over text-conversation led the two friends to go out for an accidental dinner-date in Canterbury; neither of them had intended to ask each other out for dinner. Alas, they both went along and ate nice food and had good conversations. The nature of their relationship remained unintentional, as 10 minute car journeys turned into 3 hour conversations about life, the universe and everything.
Then they both completed the 3 peaks challenge together, did charity work in Uganda and worked at the same children’s camp in the Summer and it became more and more obvious that they were more than just friends.

Ben, whilst out for lunch with Alice’s father,  shocked even himself when asking permission to marry Alice.  Then, after trekking to Cornwall to pick up his mother’s ring, Ben contemplated how he might ask, whether via Brie-based pun or some other cheesy joke.

How he asked...

One Sunday evening in August at church the sun looked all low and pretty, so Ben thought “what a good time of year for a picnic on the beach”. They sat on Tankerton beach eating their picnic, but when Alice got cold she requested Ben's jumper, knowing he had one in his bag...

At this point Ben had a decision to make, the ring was in the pocket and he wouldn’t have got away with fumbling to remove it before giving the jumper to Alice - he had no choice but to propose! Ben asked Alice to marry him, not on one knee, but sat by her side, as this would freak Alice out less! After a few minutes of shocked crying, Alice agreed that getting married was a good idea and they are now happily planning their upcoming wedding in April 2017!

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