Leeds Castle Documentary Wedding Photography // Ed + Veronika

I was especially excited for Ed and Veronika's big day because not only were they having their wedding at an absolutely iconic venue, but because they met through ballroom dancing and are actually pretty damn good at it. So for a couple like this, you've gotta expect some impressive dancing right? Well, we were not disappointed!

The wedding was an English-Russian fusion, with traditions from both, which made for a very interesting day with lots of things going on. Particularly during the meal, which started off with the bride being presented with a very large llama plushie (not any kind of tradition I might add), and carried on with team games in between each course.

After the meal there was a breathtaking sunset which could be seen through the castle windows, dreamily reflected in the castle moat. 

My favourite thing about this wedding was that Ed and Veronika were having fun, being themselves and not taking things too seriously - I hope that you get this sense from the photos.

Veronika's dress also has to be one of my favourite wedding dresses too - lots of detailed embroidery, an illusion plunge neckline, and A-line skirt with a substantial rounded train.


MUA: Lauren Mathis
Dress: Milla Nova
Florals: Leeds Castle Florists



The rooms at Leeds Castle are exquisite, they'll certainly make you feel like royalty.

Russian tradition: Bread and salt, the bride and groom each tear a piece of the bread, and dip it in salt before feeding it to each other. Not only is this symbolic of hospitality and the bride being welcomed into the groom's family, but it is said that whoever rips off the biggest piece wears the trousers in the marriage!

Jen Holland