Tara Humphrey Consulting // Brand Photos in Canterbury and Herne Bay

More and more people are looking to up their business game, opting to create their own unique photos for their websites and social media. Rather than using stock images, people are looking to stand out from the crowd, and set them selves apart. Conveying your personality as a business owner or CEO is extremely powerful in helping your clients to not just buy into your business, but into you.

I worked with Tara to give her some new images for her company website and social media presence. We worked together in collaboration to capture Tara's personality as well as her professionalism through these photos. 

We ended up with a mix of some relaxed, natural and professional portraits as well as some flat-lay and office styled photos. These photos will definitely give her website a fresh and lively look!

Here are some of my favourites.

Tara Humphrey Portraits-14.jpg
Tara Palamon Court Session 2-25.jpg
Tara Palamon Court Session 2-63.jpg
Flat lay and office shots-21.jpg
Tara Palamon Court Session 2-52.jpg
Tara Humphrey Portraits-110.jpg
Tara Palamon Court Session 2-5.jpg
Tara Humphrey Portraits-103.jpg
Tara Humphrey Portraits-94.jpg
Tara Humphrey Portraits-90.jpg
Flat lay and office shots-15.jpg
Tara Palamon Court Session 2-59.jpg
Flat lay and office shots-29.jpg
Tara Humphrey Portraits-96.jpg
Flat lay and office shots-31.jpg
Tara Humphrey Portraits-51.jpg