Proposal Photography in Canterbury // Proposal on a punt // Stacey + Jim

I've been meaning to blog this one for ages, but you know, life gets in the way! 

Anyway, I felt so, so privileged to be asked to photograph the moment that Jim proposed to Stacey. I was really nervous about this one, it was my first proposal shoot and I desperately didn't want to give the game away before the big moment!

It all started at Water Lane Coffee House in Canterbury. I arrive early with my big camera bag, thinking, "I've gotta disguise this beast otherwise if Stacey sees it she might guess what's going on". Stacey and Jim are outside the coffee shop, they don't seem to particularly notice me arrive... hurrah! I dive inside, where I meet Andrew and the other Canterbury Punting staff. We talk about the plan... I'm going to go off in a boat early, with the violinist. We will look like we're ordinary punters going on another tour (hiding the violin and camera gear!). So we leave the coffee house and go down to the river. I'm extra careful not to trip whilst getting into the boat and lose my very expensive gear to the River Stour. 

We're in, it's all good. Off we go. We are punted (is that a word?) round to the particular river bend where we plan to await Jim and Stacey arriving in their boat. Peter begins practising the violin and gives us a cracking rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. It's ok, Stacey and Jim aren't close enough yet to hear us cracking up.


Anyway, we wait, biding our time like assassins. And then here they come! We see Jim rise up out of his seat in the boat and starting fiddling with something in his bag. This is it!! Our boat floats silently towards them and I begin snapping away like a machine gun. This feels very weird, but also very cool.

And it was perfect!!! She said yes, there were tears (so many tears), AND she didn't notice us there until after the moment had died down and Jim pointed our boat out to Stacy! Couldn't have gone better! Here's my favourite images from this awesome, epic proposal!


Jim said afterwards "Fantastic. I proposed to my girlfriend last week and with the fantastic help and service from Andrew , Ashley and the whole team I had Jen Holland Photography, a violinist and they organised food and champagne. Fantastic company. Fantastic service. Thank you very much guys for making our special day possible"

Jen Holland